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 Rules for Players

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PostSubject: Rules for Players   Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:28 am

Most important dont hack!
[Permanent Ban unless we say otherwise.]
(EX. Hex editing client)
(EX2. Packet editing)
(EX3. Using third party programs/bots/macro/hacks)
Teaching anybody how to do these will also get you permanently banned.

Dont scam.
[Ban will vary depending on what you did.]
(EX. Impersonating another user/person)
(EX2. Impersonating staff or admin)

Dont cheat.
[Ban will vary depending on what you did (If you dont report it,Permanent Ban).]
(EX. Bug/Error abuse)
(EX2. I found a error in FM,fredrick sells onyx apples for 1meso when its suppose to be 10m)

Dont abuse bugs.
[If you dont report it,Permanent Ban.]
(EX. Duey crashes the server when you click on him) (Just an example)

Dont be an asshole to other players and GM's.
[First - Warned and if repeated - Jailed/Banned.]
(EX. Noob: your all gay)
(EX2. Spamming super megaphones or using them to curse/make fun of players)
Spreading slander or rumors about Admin or GM will get you permanently banned.

Dont annoy GM's
[First - Warned and if repeated - Jailed/Banned]
(EX. Spamming GM)
(EX2. Begging/Spamming for items,summons,events,warps)
(EX3. Asking for warps when your not trapped or stuck)

Rules can be added without further notice, best to check this thread every week.
Gamemasters don't make the rules, the admin does.

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Rules for Players
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